Farewell for Now

I know I have been silent for a while already but I wanted to officially say that I will be taking a break from blogging for a while. Honestly, I was in denial for a fews weeks because I initially planned to blog until I had the baby. Unfortunately, my energy level has gotten so low it seems best to just stop now. I always told myself that I would blog as long as it remains enjoyable and right now it just not, because I’m so tired.

I would like to give you a time frame of when I will be returning but I’m just not sure. It definitely won’t be before the end of the summer but it could be longer depending on how we are adjusting to life with two kiddos! I hate to take such a long break but the truth is that this blog is a reflection of my real life and my real life just doesn’t have room for blogging right now!

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the blog! I look forward to the day I can get back to posting regularly!


Clarisonic Crush

SONY DSCI wanted to do a product review/recommendation for a new gadget I got for my birthday. Have you ever heard of Clarisonic?  I never knew it existed until I noticed that basically every female in my husband’s family owns one. I’m always looking for products that will improve my skin since I don’t prefer to wear a ton of makeup, so I decided to ask for it for my birthday (side not: my husband thinks its absolutely hilarious that I asked for a face washer for my birthday, I guess I can’t blame him).

What I love about it: My face honestly feels insanely clean after I use it. They do suggest using a make up remover before you use it, only to decrease the chance of staining the brush. I am always amazed at how much comes off on the brush even though I’ve already used a make up remover pad. I also feel like it has overall improved the health of my skin. I was seeing more frequent break outs after I got pregnant, which is why I was looking into facial cleaners to begin with. Since I have started using the Clarisonic I am seeing even less breakouts than before I was pregnant.

What are the drawbacks: The only drawback in my opinion is the price. It’s pretty expensive for a face washer, which is what kept me from trying to convince my husband I needed it and just asking for it for my birthday. I knew my mother-in-law would understand! There are some cheaper, in some cases, MUCH cheaper versions on the market. I have only tried the Clarisonic so I can’t do any comparing personally, although I found this article really helpful. I think it is helpful to think of it as an investment. Unlike face washes that will only last a few months, this is something that will last a VERY long time, so over time I think the benefit can justify the price. However if it simply just isn’t in your budget, there are other, more affordable ones out there to try.

A few other things to note: Clarisonic says that it is gentle enough to use twice a day, which I found to be true for myself. However, I have pretty oily skin and so it might depend on your skin type. The guy in this article seemed to think it was best to use only twice a week. Also, mine came with a cleansing wash which is what I have been using with it, but it can be used with any kind of face cleanser which I think is great, especially if you already have a cleanser you really love.

Overall I would really recommend this product. I have seen great benefits in the short time I’ve been using it. Also, Clarisonic offers a satisfaction guarantee so if your naturally skeptical, you can try it for a few months and then send it back if it didn’t seem to work for you.

What are some face products you love to use?

*I know this post might sound like a paid for endorsement but I promise these are my own personal views after trying this product. Clarisonic has no idea who I am and has not compensated me in anyway. 

Week 3: Feet

SONY DSCFor this weeks photo challenge on feet, I decided I wouldn’t torture you with pictures of grown people’s feet, but who doesn’t like baby feet? I have to say, I am a little obsessed with how it came out. I usually have an idea of what I want my pictures to look like and this time, it was exactly what I envisioned. I did VERY minimal editing on this picture which is my goal for all my pictures.

A quick note on my camera and editing so you know what I’m using going forward (some of you have asked). My camera is a Sony Nex-C3. It technically was a gift my husband received a few years ago but I have pretty much adopted it as my own (thanks babe!). It is pretty widely known that Canon and Nikon are really the best cameras for photography but so far I have really loved this Sony camera. Maybe in the future if I get more involved in photography I will feel the need to upgrade, but I don’t feel like that right now. As far as editing I have used two different programs. I started using picmonkey, which is a free online editing tool. You can pay to have upgraded features but I was only using the free version. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re not interested in investing any money into editing software. The second is photoshop. I am currently using a trial version to see if it’s something I want to purchase it.

As far as how much editing I do to each picture, it really just depends on the picture but, for the most part I try to do as little editing as possible. Most of the time I’m just adjusting the lighting slightly. I hope the more skilled I get at photography the less I will need to edit. Of course sometimes editing is just fun to do when your looking to alter the image drastically.

I have to say I’m really enjoying this project, I hope you’re enjoying reading about it.

Week 2: View From My Window

SONY DSCThe challenge this week was harder than I thought, mostly because the view from my window is nothing special. We also live in the city so the view is almost exclusively other row houses. My favorite picture is the one above, this is the view in our alley. I like it because you get to see how each house has different character. It’s one of the things I really like about DC. Even though the houses are attached to each other, they can look completely different, with a style all their own.

SONY DSCThis is the view from the front. Its not exactly a great picture in my opinion, but it does capture something about the front view that I really love…trees! I like being able to look out my window in the morning and see all this green. It is another thing I really love about DC. There are lots of trees and parks everywhere. We lived in a row house in Philly and it was kind of depressing. Every house looked exactly the same and I don’t think there was a single tree on our street. DC has its drawbacks, but since we live so close to downtown we get the benefit of how clean and green they keep it.

I already see the benefit of pushing myself to take pictures of different things. The experience of using the self timer and taking pictures of myself last week was way different than finding angles and aspects of our view that are interesting. Another successful week I think!


Toddler Swag

I know I’m not the only mom out there that loves dressing up their kid. I’m actually dreading the day he is old enough to ask to wear some hideous mismatched outfit. Until then, I will enjoy every second I get to dress him like a little man. We are grateful that our family has been insanely generous with buying him clothes and also happens to have impeccable taste, so I can’t really take credit for his swag. I just get to be the person that picks which awesome outfit he puts on. Though, I would be lying if I didn’t occasionally go crazy in Target or H&M for him. I think I enjoy shopping for my son more than myself. I think he is the cutest kid on the planet not matter what he wears (in fact, I’m often tempted to keep him in his diaper so I can see his squishy baby belly) but here are a few favorite outfit moments.
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSo while I am sharing something about my son, I thought I would also take this opportunity to explain briefly why I don’t often blog about my son or pregnancy and why I’m deliberately not a “mommy blog”. Here is a quick list, though this doesn’t represent my comprehensive thoughts on this subject.
1. Privacy is really important to me/my family: We are certainly not being followed around by the paparazzi (not even close) but my husband does have a public ministry and is probably being googled more than your average person. This makes me more careful and selective about what I put on the web for all the world to see. I like to keep personal stuff, well personal.

2. I want to respect my kids as individuals: First let me say I don’t think there is anything wrong with blogging and posting about your kids! But I try to keep in mind that whatever is posted on the internet, can live on the internet forever. I want to be respectful of what my kids might not want online when they are old enough to care. Even though he is not even two, he is still his own person, and I want to limit what I put on the internet before he is able to chime in himself.

3. I just don’t want to: To be honest, I spend all day running around after and caring for my little guy. I love being a mom but after we put him down or when I get a break, the last thing I want to do is blog about being a mom. I started this blog to be a creative outlet for myself and its a chance for me to focus on things that I love to do. That might sometimes include an aspect of being a mom (like dressing up my kids, or planning his birthday party) but it’s usually not.

so there you have it. In case you ever wondered why my amazing little people don’t make it on the the blog very often, that is why!

I’d love to hear if you have thoughts on what you put up about your kids on the internet.

I’d also like to point out the small victory of me posting twice in one week! Here’s to hoping I can keep that up! Have a great weekend



Week 1: Self Portrait

Lets just say that taking pictures of my self with a self-timer is one of the most awkward things I’ve ever done. It’s not the first time I’ve done it and it something I really want to get good at but that doesn’t make it any less awkward. Elizabeth over at Delightfully Tacky takes all her own pictures with a self-timer! She is truly an inspiration. If you have a minute to look through some of her posts you will be amazed too. All that to say, week one’s challenge went pretty well. One of the things I read about photography is to take a lot of pictures so you have a lot to choose from. I’m definitely prone to take a few and then realize later that I didn’t like any of them. Below are the few that turned out the best!
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC I’m hoping that no one noticed that I only posted once last week even though I said I would post twice. Of course if you didn’t notice I am now reminding you of my failure! I apologize mom, dad and the three other people that were looking forward to another post. I want to say I plan on posting again this week (because I sincerely do) but, we will just see how it goes! I hope your week is going great and let me know if you have any feedback on the pictures.

Photography Challenge

SONY DSCLife has been a little crazy in our house the past two weeks. My goal is to try and post at least once a week but, sometimes life just happens and I don’t have the time. Last week was one of those weeks BUT I’m hoping to make up for that by posting twice this week!

Today I am excited to announce a mini-series I am going to start on Tuesdays. Here is the background to what and why I wanted to do this series. One of the things I have unexpectedly loved about blogging is photography. I usually try to use my own pictures and had no idea how much I would enjoy doing so. If you know me well or just read my blog profile, you know that I have a tendency to go a bit over board when I find a new “love”. I’m discovering that bad habit ends up diminishing my love for things. I put so much pressure on myself to become an expert at something, that it ends up being overwhelming and my affections for it wain. I am determined to not let that happen with photography! So I thought it would be fun to document my journey in learning and practicing photography more on the blog. That kind of already takes place each week since I use my own pictures but this series will be completely dedicated to the pictures.

This project is really more for me than you. Sorry! I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures and I would love your feedback, especially if you are into photography yourself. But, I knew that announcing this mini-series would force me to actually do it each week, which is the push I need if I want to get good at something.

Each week will have a different theme so that I can practice shooting different ways. There are lots of different “photography challenges” you can find online but I ended up compiling my own list to suit my interests and what I will practically have access to. This list takes me right up to around my due date when I will most certainly need to take a blog break. I’m hoping to have some nice photos to show for myself by then.
SONY DSCI hope you do enjoy the journey with me but if you’re more into the things I usually write about, I plan on still posting a more “regular” post on Thursdays! Let the picture taking begin!