The Nursery

SONY DSCWhen I was pregnant I had a serious itch for crafting. In fact, I think that that is when my love for crafting really began. I was so excited to decorate the baby’s room and finally try all my Pinterest ideas.  My husband was traveling a lot, so I spent lots of friday nights watching movies while painting and hot glueing. My two DIY projects for the nursery were inspired by Pinterest posts but not duplicated. I would share the inspiration posts but that was before I actually “pinned” things and just browsed the pictures. I might do a full post for each of these crafts later on. Let me know if its something you would like to see.

SONY DSCI went with an animal theme, but I didn’t want cartoonish animals. My mom found this bedding set (curtains, blanket etc.) from a yard sale-so that was free-99 (always a plus!) and it was perfect. The walls were already this tan color and since we are renting, no changing that, but I’m a fan of the color.

SONY DSC1. This was my first DIY for the baby’s room. I hand painted each of the letters. I had a blast doing it and coming up with the themes for each letter.  I’ll try to get close-ups of my favorites for another post.

2. We were given the changing table and crib by some sweet people from our church (such a blessing). We painted the changing table white and added some new hardware and baskets. I think it turned out great.

3. This is the rocking chair I was rocked in as a child. Since my son is the first gran-baby, we got dibs on the heirloom (score!).

SONY DSCI love how these shelves turned out, and my favorite part is the three tubs of cars. You can’t tell in the picture but those tubs are full of my husband’s old toy cars. He was super excited to hand them down. I bought those tubs at Target and just painted, “my” “1st” “cars” on them.

SONY DSCThis was my second DIY for the baby’s room. I made the mobile from some twine and animal figurines. I really like how it turned out, though it was pretty time consuming and not as fun as painting the letters. The press on letters say “Every good and perfect gift comes from above..”. This is a constant reminder that my sweet boy is an underserved gift from the Lord.


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