GMO’s and Butchering

stockSeveral months ago I watched this documentary on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). I had seen other documentaries on food in the past, like Food Inc. Although they were compelling, it wasn’t enough for me to make any practical changes in my life. There was something about watching this movie while thinking of my son that just pushed me over the edge. The truth is, I was slightly devastated after watching the part about infant formula and thought for sure my son was about to grow a third arm or something. After discussions with my husband (always I nice dose of reality) we decided (1. Our son was just fine and perfectly healthy and (2. we should try to eat organic or non-processed foods. That was about three months ago and it has been an interesting journey. One of the major struggles has been the price. Organic food is expensive, especially organic meat.

In an effort to save some money, I thought I would buy a whole organic chicken and butcher it myself. I watched a few youtube videos like this one and found the technique I liked the most (I swear, youtube is like having a college degree in everything you could think of) . It was really easy.

I hadn’t planned on making stock so, I just threw in what I had in my kitchen at the time. When I do this again, I will probably buy some things specifically to make the stock more tasty. The stock wasn’t bad but it didn’t blow your mind with flavor either. All in all, I think I will do this again. I’m not sure if it will be an every week kind of thing, I’ll keep you posted on that, but definitely worth doing. Happy butchering!



6 thoughts on “GMO’s and Butchering

  1. Great post!! Looking forward to watching the documentary when I get a little free time. Did you buy the whole chicken from the store or a farmers market? I’ve always been a little apprehensive about butchering a whole chicken myself lol, you go girl!!!

    • I bought it from the store, I want to say it was Costco but I can’t remember. It so easy! you can do it too! 😉

  2. When you said you butchered it, I thought you meant you killed it yourself! Aaahaha. I’m glad you didn’t, although I would have been jealous of your bravery. 😉 Way to go, feeding your family healthy! GMO stuff is super bad. I wish it wasn’t legal.

    • haha! I don’t see killing chickens in my future. and I agree, I wish it wasn’t legal either, that would make everything so much easier.

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