Happy 1st Birthday

SONY DSCMy precious little Q turned one this month. I can’t believe it. We had a small little party on a saturday afternoon which turned out great. Before I had Q, I thought it was kind of stupid to have a party for a one year old. He wouldn’t remember it and he would barely even realize that it was happening. Although both of those things are true, once I had my own child, I couldn’t wait to celebrate is birthday. Partly because I’m always looking for an excuse to plan a party and partly because I really wanted a special day to celebrate and thank Jesus for giving us one year with this amazing kid.

So here is a little peek into the party. The theme was music because Q has been a big fan of music since he was only a few weeks old. We also found out at the party that he is a big Earth, Wind and Fire fan, who knew.
SONY DSCI bought some records at the thrift store which ended up being the main decorations. You can’t tell in the picture but I bought some flashing pins that are in the middle of each record. That was probably my favorite part, it gave it a little something extra.
SONY DSCI tried to keep the food simple and summery. We grilled kabobs with this amazing marinade I get from Harris Teeter. I stole and altered the recipe for the pasta salad from my brother, and I just had a friend bring a simple fruit salad. I had been trying to convince my husband all week that we should buy the cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes (I’m slightly addicted). In the end though, I’m really glad we didn’t waste $60 on cupcakes. My parents brought these from Sam’s Club. Turns out Q didn’t even care about the cupcake, so anticlimactic!
SONY DSCI annoyed all my friends by sending them home with these goodie bags for the kids that came. Full of candy and…NOISE MAKERS! I had to stay with the theme of course!

All in all it was a great party. Even though Q didn’t realize we were celebrating him, he still had fun and he certainly is enjoying the heck out of all his new toys. I’m so thankful for this kid!

This was one of his favorite presents

This was one of his favorite presents


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