Raspberry-Lime Infused Water


Infused Water. This one was one of those ideas that I pinned on Pinterest a hundred years ago and just hadn’t gotten around to trying. It sounded like a great idea. I love the cucumber water they have at spa’s and fancy hotels. This week I realized I had a bunch of raspberries and strawberries that were going to go bad soon so I decide this was the perfect time to give infused water a try.  There are ton of combinations you can try, I happen to have strawberries, raspberries and limes on hand.  So what did I think? I thought it was great…with one catch. The first day it was awesome, the second day-not so much.  You are suppose to initially let the fruit sit in the water for a few hours to let the flavors infuse but they get a little too infused after a good 24 hours or so. My conclusion is that this would be a great idea for a dinner party or baby shower. It gives the water a little flavor and would look awesome in a glass jar, but in my opinion it’s not something to keep in your fridge all week.

On another note my son just would not let me take this picture in peace.  But after I looked at the shots I realized that his cute little baby hand might just be the best part of the shot!

Have you tried any Pinterest ideas this week?


2 thoughts on “Raspberry-Lime Infused Water

  1. Yeah, this is really good stuff and a great alternative to sweetened juices/soda. I’ve tried lemon mint water in this cool pitcher I got from CB2. It it tasted great and did look really cute for my gathering. People just continuously drank it up (they were mostly facinated by it I think…lol! but hey, it got people drinking water which is great!). I agree that second day infused water is not so tasty. I wanna try some different combinations too though. This is a neat idea and great way to use up fruit before it goes bad. Great post! And yeah, the cute little hand actually got my attention. Very sweet…maybe the mommy in me, but I think it’s a great shot for your post. The pic itself actually inspires healthy choices for our littles. :0)

    • lol yes Keinya doesn’t it just look like my son just cant get enough of healthy food! ha if only that was the case! Glad you enjoyed the post. I appreciate your feedback

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