i heart alterations


I got my sewing machine from my amazing husband on our very first “married” Christmas, the same year I started watching Project Runway. My mother-in-law is an amazing seamstress and helped him pick out the perfect machine. For months I had talked about how much I wanted a sewing machine so that I could start making incredible clothes. I wasn’t worried that the last time I had sewn anything was in home ec. class in 7th grade. I remember making a very cute teddy bear dressed as a bumble bee (which sounds pretty odd now that I’m typing it out). I was very proud of that bear and he still lives somewhere in my parents house to this day. Lets first talk about how sweet my husband is for investing in my dreams even though he had never seen me sew anything, he hadn’t even seen that teddy bear/bubble bee. I got some amazing lessons from my mother-in-law that Christmas and was ready to conquer the world of fashion designing. I had a lot of success in the beginning making curtains and pillows but I got a little too ambitious a little too fast. I decided it was time to try my hand at designing. I “sketched” a cute little wrap dress. I’ll save you the boring, pathetic details and skip right to the part where I tried on the most hideous dress I had ever seen. It turned out terrible and thus the death of my fashion dreams died right there on my sewing room floor.

I have not attempted to make any clothes since then but I do still use my sewing machine a lot. One of my favorite things to do is alter clothes. Clothes look a lot better when they fit right and thats not always easy to find. I like the fact that if I find something I really like that needs a little bit of tailoring, I can just do it myself. Last saturday night I spent a few hours altering some of my clothes for winter. I hemmed three pairs of paints, hemmed the sleeves on two jackets, and made a regular scarf into an infinity scarf. You don’t even need a fancy machine to accomplish these simple changes but they make a big different. I’m embarrassed to say that I wore the red jeans in the above picture with all that bunching on the bottom all of last year. I think I ended up rolling them up to make it work. Now they fit a lot better and won’t be constantly reminding myself and others how vertically challenged I am. What do you do when your jeans are too long? Do have a trusted seamstress?


7 thoughts on “i heart alterations

  1. such a good idea to sew your regular scarf to make an infinity scarf! That reason is now added to the list of the many reasons that make me want a sewing machine.

    • hey friend! I was excited to see your name pop up! I have a Viking (emerald 183) its actually much fancier than what I really use it for right now but hopefully I’ll be able to use more of the functions as I continue to learn.

  2. Oh, I love those jeans! Fantastic job! There are so many good tutorials out there to teach yourself to sew and to begin altering clothes. I’m sure my work leaves much to be desired, but it works for me:)

    • I’m the same way. Its definitely not perfect but its good enough for me which is all that really matters right πŸ™‚

  3. Great job on the jeans, they look amazing. You should start with basic projects like aprons and pajama pants. They’re really simple and really fun too:)

  4. I have the same problem as you except all my pants are boot cut so I always end up stepping all over them. πŸ™‚ but I recently began using a sewing machine (because of a million failed attempts at sewing by hand hahaha) and lets just say im still learning, but its exciting. Hope you have fun with your creations!

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