Pop of Color

About two years ago I looked around my living room and realized that everything in sight was either brown, tan, cream or black. I’ve always been a big fan of neutral colors but all of a sudden it felt very bland. I’m a big fan of HGTV and no matter what show was on, the phrase I kept hearing was “pop of color”.  I always loved how the designers used their “pop of color” in accent pieces to spice up a room. Honestly, I’m kind of scared of color. To me, color is like that crazy friend who is super fun to hang out with…in moderation.  A neutral tone is that friend you can sit and talk to for hours, you never get tired of them.  I envisioned painting a bright red accent wall in the bedroom and then in about two years that wall would turn into that crazy friend. You really want to ask it to leave but…its your wall- there’s no escaping it (unless of course you paint the walls again, but who has time for that?). Choosing a pop of color in accent pieces is a lot less commitment. It’s also a great idea if you’re renting and you can’t or don’t want to paint the walls.

My husband and I ended up deciding on red for the accent color in the living room. I went to some of my favorite home goods stores and stocked up on a few pieces to add some life to the room. I picked up a new lamp, some pillows, a throw and some odds and ends. It really made a huge difference and if in a few years I decide that red is annoying me, I can change a few accent pieces a lot easier than re-painting the walls. Anyone else out there afraid of color?


5 thoughts on “Pop of Color

  1. Oh yes! Color is scary, it’s out of my comfort zone because of the long run dreadful work ahead in my head. I love the neutral color ideas with the simple pop of color. Great choice!!

  2. we must be related;) I stick to my neutral tones too. they are safe. the same goes for my clothes. brett always tells me when I go clothes shopping to pick something different cause usually when I get home its all solid colors then I complain that my wardrobe it so boring.

  3. ok you have to teach me how to hem my pants! at 5 ft 2 in, you’d think i’d have learned how to do that by now. i hate wasting money at expensive DC tailors…and i hate having to staple my pants all the time too! hahaha

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