I have gotten into a pretty good pattern of dying my hair. I usually get highlights in the spring and then go back to my original color for the fall/winter. This past spring I decided I wanted to try something a little trendy…ombré! I’ve got to tell you, I love it. I love the way it looks but I really love how low maintenance it is (it’s actually supposed to look grown out, you can’t get any more low maintenance than that). I personally don’t like going to the salon very often. Mostly because I’m lazy, and now that I have a kid, it really is a luxury. But also because it is. so. expensive! Washington DC is one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. and getting your hair done is no exception. I go to Bang salon. It’s not cheap but the prices are the lowest I could find for a good professional cut and color. I get bored with my hair easily, so the fact that I got it done like this and then got it re-touched last month means I really like it. But not all my hair choices have been this successful. In honor of my new found love for my ombré hair, here is a collage dedicated to all my different styles and colors over the years!


Top left: Freshman year of high school I had this bad habit of highlighting my hair so much that it looks like I dyed it blond. Not a good look. I’m getting my hair done for my first high school dance in this picture. Top right: I guess I was going for gothic black at this point. I think this is the darkest my hair has ever been. I liked it but my husband doesn’t love it that dark. Bottom left: This was also in high school. I was making better hair choices by 11th grade. This is my natural color and SHORT! Bottom right: Bangs and highlights. I liked my bangs though I only had them for a short season. They were a little too much maintenance for someone who doesn’t like going to the salon. I usually ended up trimming them at home. Plus having bangs means you have to spend a considerable amount of time on your hair every day, which is also something I’m not into doing . I don’t think I’ll be getting them again until my kids stop hanging on my legs while I get ready in the morning. There is a style not pictured. For a few short months of my life I thought it would be fun to be a red head. Unfortunately, the time period was so short, I could not find a picture of it for the life of me. I promise I am not just saying that.


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