You & I: Pillow Making

SONY DSCI really like making pillows. It’s a lot of pay-off for not a lot of work. It takes almost no skill to make a pillow but a good pillow can make a big difference in a room. I’ve been planning to make this “forever” pillow for our bed for a long time now. I had some extra fabric from another project that went great with the colors in our room. This project took a few weeks from start to finish but only because I was just doing a little bit here and there.
SONY DSCFirst, I hand painted the fabric. I wanted it to look like handwriting and not text so I just used a pencil to give an outline of the word. I added the “you & I” part next but this is where I ran into some problems, and by problems I mean my own stupidity. On my first try I accidentally wrote the “&” sign backwards. Basically I wrote a cursive “S” instead. What made it worse was that I didn’t even notice. When my husband came home he was like “umm…I don’t think that’s right”. Uggghh! I did not want to start over. So I brainstormed.
SONY DSCI ended up painting over the cursive “S” and let it dry. A few days later I made a little stamp so that I would definitely not mess it up this time. I printing a “&” sign from the computer and then traced it onto a foam sheet. I cut that out and then super glued it to a piece of cardboard. Viola! A stamp was made. In the end I’m glad I messed up. I think the finished product looked better than what I had originally planned! I sewed it, stuffed it and now it adds a little personalized element to our room.


7 thoughts on “You & I: Pillow Making

  1. I Love It So Much It Looks Pillowtastic! I Love Seeing You’re Lovley Art Work And You’re Ideas Are Amazing It Puts A Big Smile On My Face And You Inspire Me So Much It Makes Me Wanna Get Into Arts And Crafts And Start Creating And Decorating, You Have A Real Gift And You’re Very Special Keep Up The Great Work!:D

  2. Necessity IS the mother of invention. The pillow looks great! I say you should just accept all compliments without mentioning the little backwards thing. Nice job!

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