Hello 2014!


I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging at the end of 2013. It wasn’t planned, but (for the four of you who were wondering what happened) there was a reason for my absence. In mid November we found out that we’re expecting our second child (yay!). What wasn’t so wonderful was that I started feeling sick. Between being pregnant sick, sick with a cold, and then all the travels we did for the holidays, there went all my energy. So I took a little break from blogging. I’ve started feeling better now that the first trimester is behind me, so I hope to get back to posting regularly.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I’m really looking forward to this new year. I don’t really make resolutions but I do love the fresh start I feel when a new year begins. I like to try and start new habits and evaluate life and make new adjustments. This isn’t a resolution, but my husband and I decided not to watch TV for the whole month of January. He’s mainly doing it because he has a book manuscript due at the end of the month, but I decided it would be a good idea to join him. I’ve thought about doing a TV fast many times in the past, but never ended up following through with it. Mainly because I just love TV. We are now 13 days in and I am loving it. (Confession- I did break the rule for the first time last night to watch the Golden Globes but I promise the was my only cheat so fa)r. I always knew I could go without TV if I really wanted to, but I never thought I would actually enjoy it. I’m starting to wondering when I had time to watch TV before because my days feel just as busy. I hope to write about how the experience goes. Do you make resolutions? I guess the better question is do you keep them?

I mainly wanted to let you know, “Hey, I’m pregnant” and “Hey, I’m back”. Looking forward to a great 2014!


11 thoughts on “Hello 2014!

  1. Congratulations! I like your philosophy about new biginings and adjustments. I am doing the Daniel Fast for 21 days. We do this at my church every January. It requires no meat, sugar,dairy basically. It is supposed to be a chance to focus on improving my relationship with God and improving my prayer life. I find myself really looking forward to it every year! The first year I was so focused on not cheating and what I could or could not eat that I didnt mature in the way I should have. This is is about year 5 and I am happy to say I am keeping up with the devotion guide and keeping a prayer journal (something I have tried many times to start). Here’s hoping my devotions in 2014 will bring me closer to God. You and your family will be on my prayer list.

  2. Yay, what awesome news of your pregnancy! Congratulations. I’m such a fan of list-making and goal-setting. But the thing is, I always fail. I feel bummed. But most importantly, I become self-focused. I take my eyes off the One who loves me and calls me “beloved.”

    So this year instead of making a list of things to accomplish, I want to make a list of meditations on the good news of Jesus. I want this year to be a year in which I bask in His great love for me. Only His love has the power to transform me.

  3. congrats Jess I haven’t been watching TV either its been so long btw my resolutions is to stay vegan i know sometime i mess up but Im trying anyways congrats on the new baby happy new years

  4. Congrats big time on the baby!!! Pray everything gies well and be blessed during this New Year… But, lol… That made me laugh “(for the four of you that noticed)” LOL

  5. Congratulations on the new baby your son will have a little sibling to grow up with, so exciting! I like to think of the new year as an opportunity for new beginnings as well so this year of course I want to grow closer to Christ and become a better manager of His finances.

  6. Congrats on the pregnancy! That’s awesome. I think if we make our resolutions reasonable, we can achieve them! The TV fast seems like a great idea. I like that!

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