Spice Up Your Life

SONY DSCOne thing I love about spring is spring cleaning. I’m one of those weird people that actually likes to clean. Especially when it involves some kind of organizational upgrade. It’s very therapeutic for me to organize things and slightly addicting. Once I pop I just can’t stop (that was for all you Pringle’s lovers out there). I decided that my spice storage needed an upgrade and that spiraled into organizing and cleaning the entire kitchen! I learned a day later that I might have overexerting my pregnant self a little bit, but I am definitely enjoying a very clean kitchen. I’m sure it will stay that way for at least a week…maybe.

SONY DSCThis is how my spice area started out. Along with not being very pleasing to the eye (we have glass cabinets so no hiding behind a closed door) it also wasn’t very efficient. Of course 90% of the spices have red caps  and so searching through these over stuffed bins is never a quick process. A few months ago a friend posted a picture of her lovely organized spices using cute labels and so from then on it was filed onto my very long mental to-do list.

SONY DSCAfter I realized that 50% of my spices were outdated, like really really outdated, I made a list of new spices I needed and then of course, I headed to Ikea. I’m a bit of an Ikea junky. Almost everything in our house is Ikea, from our bed to our rugs. Honestly it’s my frugal nature that keeps me going back. I know its not the best quality but its so cheap, I can’t keep from filling my cart up and then of course spending more money than I ever planned too. So in the end my Ikea trips don’t end up being very frugal. This trip was no different, but I did end up with at least one thing I actually went there for, the spice jars.

SONY DSCThe hardest part of this little project was finding the right labels. There are like a billion you can find online but not all of them had the option of adding spice names they didn’t have, or they had that option but I couldn’t figure out how to change the font. In the end I decided to print out these labels and just wrote in the names of the spices by hand. I think it gives it more of a personal touch though it was kind of a pain in the butt.

I’m so excited that spring is finally arriving, though it’s still can’t totally make up it’s mind here in DC because I’m pretty sure they are calling for snow tonight!! Oh well, I’m trying to focus on the fact that at some point it will be here to stay…for like two months until its summer! But I LOVE spring! Spring means parks, open windows, no coats and organizing spices of course! 🙂 Have you started any of your spring cleaning yet?


7 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Life

  1. I really enjoy this time of year as well! I haven’t had the opportunity to super clean everything as I’d like to since I work full time, but with having 3 young daughters (ages 9, 6, and 3) one must have systems right?! Lol! So my latest project is working out awesomely. It’s a frugal way of managing multiple kids clothes/laundry and making it easy for the hubby who would typically say – he can’t put the kidsclothes away because he doesn’t know where/how I store them- to help out! Yes indeed! Now they still have a big dresser and clothes hanging up in the closet (fancier stuff though) in addition to this cause how can you have 3 little girls and not have a ton of fun clothes? However this has solved the problem of getting things prepped for school for days at a time and a place to put away specific clothing items! Here’s the link and I totally recommend this little trick! It’s not even a long post. And I think the pic is worth a thousand words! Thx for sharing! I love your blog! https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=599606586797991&id=181950735230247&substory_index=0

    • love that post, such a good idea. I will have to keep that in mind as our little family grows and the kiddos start school! so encouraged by you though, working full-time with three kids, not easy at all!!

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