Photography Challenge

SONY DSCLife has been a little crazy in our house the past two weeks. My goal is to try and post at least once a week but, sometimes life just happens and I don’t have the time. Last week was one of those weeks BUT I’m hoping to make up for that by posting twice this week!

Today I am excited to announce a mini-series I am going to start on Tuesdays. Here is the background to what and why I wanted to do this series. One of the things I have unexpectedly loved about blogging is photography. I usually try to use my own pictures and had no idea how much I would enjoy doing so. If you know me well or just read my blog profile, you know that I have a tendency to go a bit over board when I find a new “love”. I’m discovering that bad habit ends up diminishing my love for things. I put so much pressure on myself to become an expert at something, that it ends up being overwhelming and my affections for it wain. I am determined to not let that happen with photography! So I thought it would be fun to document my journey in learning and practicing photography more on the blog. That kind of already takes place each week since I use my own pictures but this series will be completely dedicated to the pictures.

This project is really more for me than you. Sorry! I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures and I would love your feedback, especially if you are into photography yourself. But, I knew that announcing this mini-series would force me to actually do it each week, which is the push I need if I want to get good at something.

Each week will have a different theme so that I can practice shooting different ways. There are lots of different “photography challenges” you can find online but I ended up compiling my own list to suit my interests and what I will practically have access to. This list takes me right up to around my due date when I will most certainly need to take a blog break. I’m hoping to have some nice photos to show for myself by then.
SONY DSCI hope you do enjoy the journey with me but if you’re more into the things I usually write about, I plan on still posting a more “regular” post on Thursdays! Let the picture taking begin!



6 thoughts on “Photography Challenge

  1. Jess I’ve Been Checking Out You’re Blog And When I Saw This Post I Just Had To Leave A Comment. I Really Love Photography Myself!! And I Can’t Wait To See You’re New Post And The Great New Pics You Take I Know They Will Really Be Exciting To Read!!😊❤

  2. I agree with Rebecca ^^..The pics in your Hotlanta post looked very professional and looked like they came straight from a magazine!

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