Week 2: View From My Window

SONY DSCThe challenge this week was harder than I thought, mostly because the view from my window is nothing special. We also live in the city so the view is almost exclusively other row houses. My favorite picture is the one above, this is the view in our alley. I like it because you get to see how each house has different character. It’s one of the things I really like about DC. Even though the houses are attached to each other, they can look completely different, with a style all their own.

SONY DSCThis is the view from the front. Its not exactly a great picture in my opinion, but it does capture something about the front view that I really love…trees! I like being able to look out my window in the morning and see all this green. It is another thing I really love about DC. There are lots of trees and parks everywhere. We lived in a row house in Philly and it was kind of depressing. Every house looked exactly the same and I don’t think there was a single tree on our street. DC has its drawbacks, but since we live so close to downtown we get the benefit of how clean and green they keep it.

I already see the benefit of pushing myself to take pictures of different things. The experience of using the self timer and taking pictures of myself last week was way different than finding angles and aspects of our view that are interesting. Another successful week I think!



3 thoughts on “Week 2: View From My Window

    • I think it’s fascinating just to see the way the houses look, I live in England and they’re so different to what I’m used to.
      The sky looks so beautiful too, great perspective.

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