Toddler Swag

I know I’m not the only mom out there that loves dressing up their kid. I’m actually dreading the day he is old enough to ask to wear some hideous mismatched outfit. Until then, I will enjoy every second I get to dress him like a little man. We are grateful that our family has been insanely generous with buying him clothes and also happens to have impeccable taste, so I can’t really take credit for his swag. I just get to be the person that picks which awesome outfit he puts on. Though, I would be lying if I didn’t occasionally go crazy in Target or H&M for him. I think I enjoy shopping for my son more than myself. I think he is the cutest kid on the planet not matter what he wears (in fact, I’m often tempted to keep him in his diaper so I can see his squishy baby belly) but here are a few favorite outfit moments.
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSo while I am sharing something about my son, I thought I would also take this opportunity to explain briefly why I don’t often blog about my son or pregnancy and why I’m deliberately not a “mommy blog”. Here is a quick list, though this doesn’t represent my comprehensive thoughts on this subject.
1. Privacy is really important to me/my family: We are certainly not being followed around by the paparazzi (not even close) but my husband does have a public ministry and is probably being googled more than your average person. This makes me more careful and selective about what I put on the web for all the world to see. I like to keep personal stuff, well personal.

2. I want to respect my kids as individuals: First let me say I don’t think there is anything wrong with blogging and posting about your kids! But I try to keep in mind that whatever is posted on the internet, can live on the internet forever. I want to be respectful of what my kids might not want online when they are old enough to care. Even though he is not even two, he is still his own person, and I want to limit what I put on the internet before he is able to chime in himself.

3. I just don’t want to: To be honest, I spend all day running around after and caring for my little guy. I love being a mom but after we put him down or when I get a break, the last thing I want to do is blog about being a mom. I started this blog to be a creative outlet for myself and its a chance for me to focus on things that I love to do. That might sometimes include an aspect of being a mom (like dressing up my kids, or planning his birthday party) but it’s usually not.

so there you have it. In case you ever wondered why my amazing little people don’t make it on the the blog very often, that is why!

I’d love to hear if you have thoughts on what you put up about your kids on the internet.

I’d also like to point out the small victory of me posting twice in one week! Here’s to hoping I can keep that up! Have a great weekend



J’s On My Feet

SONY DSCMichael Jordan’s shoes are no stranger to our household, however it’s my husband owns all 500 pairs of them (before you jump to conclusion, 500 is an exaggeration-its more like 300). He kind of inspired me to try something new so I asked for a pair for my birthday (which hilariously hasn’t even past yet, it was a VERY early birthday present). I wore this look on a date night a few weeks ago and thought it was so fun.

SONY DSCThere are a lot of items I really love in this look. This is actually the first time I wore this faux leather blazer. I bought it several months ago at Target but could just never make it work with anything. Of course my trusty grey t-shirt made an appearance and my wrist was full of bracelets. The jeans are really old but I also got them at Target. Side note- you can’t tell in these pictures but my pregnant belly no longer fits these jeans, it’s all maternity jeans from here on out for me.

SONY DSCThe thing I love most about these shoes is how great they look with bold red lips. My husband hates when I wear lipstick so I try to make it rare but nothing brings out the color in these J’s like some red lipstick. Its like they were made for each other. Am I right? Well I’m certainly not the first girl to wear some J’s but it was a first for me and I don’t think it will be the last. I won’t be wearing these everyday, but I think they are a great addition to my closet. Its fun to try things you might not normally wear. Have you added anything new to your closet lately?

Birchbox Favorites

SONY DSCHave you ever heard of Birchbox? I hadn’t before I started reading blogs. Basically its a monthly perscription for beauty products. Every month they send you a little box with 5 samples of beauty products ranging from lip gloss, to nail polish, to eye liner and much more. Its only 10 bucks so I decided it would be fun to try out. I’m not really big on beauty products. I don’t spend hours in Sephora or Ulta. I usually stick to brands you could find at any CVS and when I find something I like, I stick with it. One of the things I love about Birchbox is that it introduces me to products I would probably never try or seek out. One of the things I don’t like about Birchbox is that the products are usually on the more expensive side (at least for my standards). I have really enjoyed the products each month but it take a lot for me to like it enough to order it in the future. A lot of bloggers will review the Birchbox each month but I think it made more sense for me to give you the highlights over these couple months since there are only a few items I will really stick with.

1. Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (in Sugar bomb): I don’t wear lip gloss a lot, mostly because my husband hates it but when I do wear it I go for something subtle. I love this gloss, its not sticky and the color is subtle but really pretty. I haven’t bought the full size yet and I might not ever, not because I don’t love it, but because lip gloss lasts me a LONG time.

2. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel: I have never used a peel regularly but this peel is the bomb. I love putting it on before I take a bath and really let it set in. My skin honestly feels differently after I take it off. It feels clean, tighter and blemishes or redness are less visible. I did order the full size and just got it in the mail this week. It is definitely on the expensive side but since it is something I would only be using 1-2 times per week, I’m hoping it will last me a long time. Also, when it comes to taking care of your skin, I’m more likely to spend the money. I don’t wear a lot of make up and when my skin is looking great, I can wear even less.

3. Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow: I almost never wear foundation and so when the BB cream craze came around I tried a few but never found anything I really liked but I love this Marcelle product. It gives you pretty good converge and it feels more like tinted moisturizer, super light. Its also more than I would usually spend but I have used the sample so much I think it might be worth it for me. I got this product in my very first box and I am still using the sample size so I think when I do order it, it will last me a while.

4. Beauty Protector, Protect & oil: This is by far my most favorite product. It is one of few products I fell in love with the very first time I used it. I decided right away I would order the bottle. I had been searching for a smoothing cream or oil for the ends of my hair because my ombre dye has really dried out my ends. This stuff made my hair silky and beautiful. You can use it on wet hair before you use the hair dryer (which is good since it is a heat protectant) but you can also use it on dry hair as well. I am obsessed! It also helps that it smell like a candy store! I highly recommend it.

Do you have any favorite products? I would love to share some of my other every day favorite products, let me know if its something you would want to hear about.

Bangles, Watches, and Chains. Oh My!


(above: Watch-Etsy, bow bangle-Kate Spade Outlet, Cream and gold bangle-old)

I love accessorizing. I’m not really attracted to many bold, flashy clothes so most of my closet is pretty plain. When I go into a store I usually come out with some variation of something I already have. Another solid color T-shirt or another striped sweater. What can I say, I like what I like. But accessorizing gives me the chance to add some spice to my outfits. I feel like over the years I’ve gotten better at choosing my accessories and one of the things I love doing is stacking bracelets. Honestly I never really thought of doing this until I met my sister-in-law. She is the queen of stacking bracelets and as the queen I thought who better to give some tips than the royal highness herself. But first let me tell you why she is so qualified to speak on such a subject.

Meet Chelsea: My dear sister-in-law is a fabulous stylist and of course the most stylish person I’ve ever met. She wears things I would never pick out and makes it look amazing. She’s got that special fashion eye that can immediately see the potential or lack of potential in any item. As I mentioned, she is the queen of stacking bracelets. When I first met her I remember always being drawn to the multiplicity of bracelets on her arm. No matter what the combination, it always looked great. I started channeling my inner Chelsea and now I’m hooked. But no body does it quite like her so I asked her to give us tips and examples. Here is what Chelsea has to say:

“In the last couple of years it’s become popular for women to stack lots of bracelets on at a time…but I’ve been doing this since high school 🙂 My friends laughed at me when I kept adding to my stack after every special occasion when I got a new bracelet. The best part is that there is no real “formula” to making your arm stack look great; just throw on your favorite pieces and go!! For my everyday look, I tend to go a little simple and just wear my watch with a few complimentary bangles. When I’m getting dressed up and going out, I tend to really get crazy and creative and throw on anything that makes me feel good!!”

Here are some examples she picked out!


Photo credit and description from Chelsea: Top Left: (google image) This is an amped up look that really stands out with her all black look!! Top right: Blair from always does a great job mixing pieces and making it look glamorous and effortless. Bottom Left: @juneambrose (Stylist to the stars) makes a great statement with this simple stack! Bottom Right: (google image) This casual look is amped up with this great mix!

Big thanks to Chelsea for chiming in on this important subject. Please go bug her on twitter (@chelseaAB) and tell her to start a fashion blog! 🙂 

Happy Stacking!



I have gotten into a pretty good pattern of dying my hair. I usually get highlights in the spring and then go back to my original color for the fall/winter. This past spring I decided I wanted to try something a little trendy…ombré! I’ve got to tell you, I love it. I love the way it looks but I really love how low maintenance it is (it’s actually supposed to look grown out, you can’t get any more low maintenance than that). I personally don’t like going to the salon very often. Mostly because I’m lazy, and now that I have a kid, it really is a luxury. But also because it is. so. expensive! Washington DC is one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. and getting your hair done is no exception. I go to Bang salon. It’s not cheap but the prices are the lowest I could find for a good professional cut and color. I get bored with my hair easily, so the fact that I got it done like this and then got it re-touched last month means I really like it. But not all my hair choices have been this successful. In honor of my new found love for my ombré hair, here is a collage dedicated to all my different styles and colors over the years!


Top left: Freshman year of high school I had this bad habit of highlighting my hair so much that it looks like I dyed it blond. Not a good look. I’m getting my hair done for my first high school dance in this picture. Top right: I guess I was going for gothic black at this point. I think this is the darkest my hair has ever been. I liked it but my husband doesn’t love it that dark. Bottom left: This was also in high school. I was making better hair choices by 11th grade. This is my natural color and SHORT! Bottom right: Bangs and highlights. I liked my bangs though I only had them for a short season. They were a little too much maintenance for someone who doesn’t like going to the salon. I usually ended up trimming them at home. Plus having bangs means you have to spend a considerable amount of time on your hair every day, which is also something I’m not into doing . I don’t think I’ll be getting them again until my kids stop hanging on my legs while I get ready in the morning. There is a style not pictured. For a few short months of my life I thought it would be fun to be a red head. Unfortunately, the time period was so short, I could not find a picture of it for the life of me. I promise I am not just saying that.

The Grey T

I wasn’t sure if  I was going to venture into blogging about my love for fashion, mostly because I don’t like taking pictures of myself but also because I wouldn’t exactly call myself a fashionista (do fashion people even call themselves that?). Bloggers like Lauren Elizabeth give me hope that you can blog about your clothes without taking yourself too seriously or feeling like your fashion taste has to be something new and out of the box. The thing I like most about Lauren’s style is that she’s classic. She definitely has some statement necklaces and unique tops, but mainly she is about timeless pieces that weather the storms of  ever-changing trends. I’d like to think that Lauren and I have that in common. I ere on the edge of maybe too many timeless pieces. Too many plain or striped t-shirts and too many great jeans in the same exact wash. I got my obsession with “the simple” from my mom. She literally has an entire drawer dedicated to white tops. (One. whole. drawer). All this to say I don’t want to blog about my fashion because I think I have superior taste but because I think simple taste is probably pretty relatable. Fashion magazines are fun to look at but they aren’t that practical for the average woman. First of all, the average woman is not a size zero, or even a size 4. The average woman doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on $200 tops. The average woman is going to the store or a friends house, not the red carpet. And last but not least, the average woman doesn’t have an endless amount of time to get ready in the morning – especially you moms out there. I’m pretty sure most moms are just thrilled when they get to take a shower (or is that just me?). So my fashion posts will be an ode to the average woman. Cute but casual is my motto for almost everyday and so when I do get a chance to get out of my pajamas I’ll try to give you a peek into what I spend my days in.

The shirt I have on in this picture is a recent find from Forever 21. I actually saw it when I was checking out and it audibly called my name. I didn’t even try it on (which is usually a cardinal rule for me). Loose and comfy t-shirts are my go-to for days at home with my little man. Your not too worried about getting smashed banana on it, but with some cute sandals its prefect for a run to the grocery store. If I want to wear it out for coffee with a friend I can add a scarf or sweater. The possibilities are endless really. So here’s to the classic grey tee. Whats your go-to for days at home?