Toddler Swag

I know I’m not the only mom out there that loves dressing up their kid. I’m actually dreading the day he is old enough to ask to wear some hideous mismatched outfit. Until then, I will enjoy every second I get to dress him like a little man. We are grateful that our family has been insanely generous with buying him clothes and also happens to have impeccable taste, so I can’t really take credit for his swag. I just get to be the person that picks which awesome outfit he puts on. Though, I would be lying if I didn’t occasionally go crazy in Target or H&M for him. I think I enjoy shopping for my son more than myself. I think he is the cutest kid on the planet not matter what he wears (in fact, I’m often tempted to keep him in his diaper so I can see his squishy baby belly) but here are a few favorite outfit moments.
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSo while I am sharing something about my son, I thought I would also take this opportunity to explain briefly why I don’t often blog about my son or pregnancy and why I’m deliberately not a “mommy blog”. Here is a quick list, though this doesn’t represent my comprehensive thoughts on this subject.
1. Privacy is really important to me/my family: We are certainly not being followed around by the paparazzi (not even close) but my husband does have a public ministry and is probably being googled more than your average person. This makes me more careful and selective about what I put on the web for all the world to see. I like to keep personal stuff, well personal.

2. I want to respect my kids as individuals: First let me say I don’t think there is anything wrong with blogging and posting about your kids! But I try to keep in mind that whatever is posted on the internet, can live on the internet forever. I want to be respectful of what my kids might not want online when they are old enough to care. Even though he is not even two, he is still his own person, and I want to limit what I put on the internet before he is able to chime in himself.

3. I just don’t want to: To be honest, I spend all day running around after and caring for my little guy. I love being a mom but after we put him down or when I get a break, the last thing I want to do is blog about being a mom. I started this blog to be a creative outlet for myself and its a chance for me to focus on things that I love to do. That might sometimes include an aspect of being a mom (like dressing up my kids, or planning his birthday party) but it’s usually not.

so there you have it. In case you ever wondered why my amazing little people don’t make it on the the blog very often, that is why!

I’d love to hear if you have thoughts on what you put up about your kids on the internet.

I’d also like to point out the small victory of me posting twice in one week! Here’s to hoping I can keep that up! Have a great weekend



Book Worm

SONY DSCI love reading. I usually cycle through different phases though. Some months I won’t read anything at all and then other months I will devour several books. I end up reading a lot in the summer for some reason, maybe because there’s never anything good to watch on TV. I was inspired to review/recommend some of my recent reads and all time favorite books since I have been reading a ton this past month since we aren’t watching TV. Some of you reading this may be stuck inside from all the crazy snow that is happening around the country, why not curl up with a good book?
photo-1-11. Divergent Series by Veronica Roth: I just finished this series and read all three of the books in an almost shameful short amount of time. I was hooked right away. I really love reading series books, its fun having more of the story to look forward to. This book is a lot like some of the other teen fiction, post apocalyptic, female heroin, love story books that have become popular in the last few years. I am a big Hunger Games fan and blew through those books a few summers ago. In my opinion and in what I have read in this genre (ie Hunger Game, The Uglies Series) this is probably my second favorite. I really loved it but I still think Hunger Games takes the crown. I didn’t love the ending but I didn’t hate it either. I really liked the two main characters development throughout the books and the world the author created is pretty interesting. Its super easy read and very entertaining. If your feeling the pangs of loss after reading the Hunger Games I think you would enjoy this a lot. I’m really looking forward to the movie coming out in March!

2. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers: Francine Rivers is easily my favorite author. I’m on a mission to read all of her books. Redeeming Love is one of her most popular books and is based on the book of Hosea. I read it in college and it is a book you will never forget. One of the things I love most about her writing is that it is both fun to read and edifying. When I read her books, even though its fiction, my heart is challenged and encouraged. She also has a series called “The Mark of the Lion”. It takes more chapters than I would like to get hooked in but its definitely worth the persistence.

Booknotes-0023. A Cuckoos Calling by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling: I just finished this book a few weeks ago. This is one of two adult fiction books that Rowling has written (she is the author of the Harry Potter series for those of you who don’t know). This is a good read. Its a suspense/mystery novel about an investigation into a girl who allegedly committed suicide. I don’t think I have ever read a book in this genre before and I really enjoyed it. Although because you’re so focused on finding out the truth the journey isn’t as fun as the last couple chapters. My only warning for this book is that there is some strong and frequent language.

Gatsby_1925_jacket4. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald: I reread this book last summer in anticipation for the movie. I really love watching books come to life on the big screen but I almost always feel like the book is way better, so I never want to spoiling a good book by watching a mediocre film. In this case I thought the film was fantastic! This is a classic and most people probably read it in high school. I found that classic books are classic for a reason, they are just that good. I think Fitzgerald’s writing style is what sets this book apart. Its not always the easiest to read but its worth it.

awomanswisdom5. A Woman’s Wisdom: How the book of Proverbs speaks to everything by Lydia Brownback: I wanted to put a non-fiction, Christian living type book up because I do read a lot of that. Although I don’t typically enjoy reading non-fiction as much as I do fiction and autobiographies. It’s just a different kind of experience. It takes a lot more effort to read non-fiction especially if you plan on getting anything out of it, however it can have a much more helpful, long lasting effect. This book is one of my favorites its very practical but also very biblical. It strikes the perfect balance between how we should “work out our salvation” and the fact that Chris is the one who works in us and apart from him we can do nothing worthy of praise. It’s perfect for an individual read or to go through with a group or friend.

I hope to do this every few months and I am always looking for recommendations so please leave some in the comments if you have a favorite.

Hello 2014!


I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging at the end of 2013. It wasn’t planned, but (for the four of you who were wondering what happened) there was a reason for my absence. In mid November we found out that we’re expecting our second child (yay!). What wasn’t so wonderful was that I started feeling sick. Between being pregnant sick, sick with a cold, and then all the travels we did for the holidays, there went all my energy. So I took a little break from blogging. I’ve started feeling better now that the first trimester is behind me, so I hope to get back to posting regularly.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I’m really looking forward to this new year. I don’t really make resolutions but I do love the fresh start I feel when a new year begins. I like to try and start new habits and evaluate life and make new adjustments. This isn’t a resolution, but my husband and I decided not to watch TV for the whole month of January. He’s mainly doing it because he has a book manuscript due at the end of the month, but I decided it would be a good idea to join him. I’ve thought about doing a TV fast many times in the past, but never ended up following through with it. Mainly because I just love TV. We are now 13 days in and I am loving it. (Confession- I did break the rule for the first time last night to watch the Golden Globes but I promise the was my only cheat so fa)r. I always knew I could go without TV if I really wanted to, but I never thought I would actually enjoy it. I’m starting to wondering when I had time to watch TV before because my days feel just as busy. I hope to write about how the experience goes. Do you make resolutions? I guess the better question is do you keep them?

I mainly wanted to let you know, “Hey, I’m pregnant” and “Hey, I’m back”. Looking forward to a great 2014!

True Confessions


This looks amazing doesn’t it? It was inspired by this recipe that I found on Pinterest. It’s blackberry chipotle chicken with onions and spinach over a baked sweet potato. But I’m not going to give you the recipe. The problem is…it actually wasn’t that good. It was such a shame since the pictures turned out so great but hey, not everything I cook turns out the way I envision. So why am I blogging about it? I’m blogging about it because it wasn’t a slam dunk.

Let me explain. One of the visions that I had when I started this blog was for it to be an honest blog. A blog that would give you a peek into the successful projects, recipes and adventures I try and the not-so-succeful ones. This may not be great blogging strategy but I want to do it for three reasons. One reason is for myself. I know I have only been blogging for like 30 seconds but I already feel the temptation to blog in a way that essentially communicates that all I cook is incredible meals and all my projects become staple pieces in our home. The problem is, that just isn’t true. To fight the temptation to make myself seem flawless to everyone who reads this, I want to make a point of writing about my successes but also some failed attempts too. The second reason is for you. I really enjoy reading blogs but I often find myself slightly depressed after reading them. I think it’s because it seems like everything those bloggers touch turns to gold; every outfit they wear is magazine worthy and every recipe is mouth watering. The problem is, that just isn’t true either. There is nothing wrong with just posting all the amazing things you do. I don’t think anyone would want to read a blog about all the things I suck at. But only posting about the things that turn out great just isn’t an accurate reflection of me.  I want people to leave this blog inspired by my good ideas and comforted by the fact that sometimes I have bad ideas, just like everyone else. The third reason is because I think failing is an important part of the creative process.  Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he finally got the light bulb right. My husbands has worked on hundreds of songs that never make an album. Sometimes its all those failed attempts that help make the successes so successful. I personally prefer to learn by failure as opposed to following directions strictly. I let my creativity take me where it will and see how it ends up.  Sometimes its a slam dunk, sometimes its not, but I usually learn a lot along the way.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this post about a really yummy looking recipe that wasn’t that yummy.

(Note: The original recipe might be amazing, but I didn’t try it. I just took inspiration from it.)